Skandiaverken Management has defined quality as an essential part of its strategy and has adopted the model based on the norm UNE - EN ISO 9001:2015 as a reference for its management.

In particular, our company has adopted quality as a philosophy of action that is identified in "Our principles" (mission, Vision and values).


Skandiaverken is one of the world's leading providers of spare parts for the shipbuilding industry. The origins of Skandiaverken as a manufacturer of engines go back to the second half of the 19th century. The vast experience we have acquired as a result has made us unique in our industry thanks to our ability to supply spare parts of high quality in a short period of time. We are constantly working to improve our performance in order to obtain customer satisfaction. We not only sell spares, parts, but that help solve customer problems.


Our goal is to solve customer problems, from a technical and practical standpoint in order to keep their engines running 24/7, wherever is the vessel.

We will design, manufacture and sell custom engine components and offer a high degree of availability of products and services. Our quality will exceed the expectations of customers and our business is characterized by simplicity.


We have defined four core values that reflect our attitude towards our customers.



Because we have a large stock, we are able to supply spare parts of high quality for a wide range of engines. We have an efficient Quality Management system and offer products with the optimal combination of attractive price, speed of delivery and technical level. As a company certified under ISO 9001, are fully committed to achieving our objectives, as well as with the quality of the product and the service.


We focus on the customer. Our first priority is to find a quick and efficient solution to your problem. Our ambition is to reply to your request within a period of one working day and that your order is ready for shipment within 24 hours.


The combination of a wide range of spare parts in stock, a specialized service, experience and a network of agents international, allows us to satisfy the demands of customers quickly.


Skandiaverken has a long and successful history in the manufacture, sale and repair of engines. But our real value is human CAPITAL. Skandiaverken brings together professionals of Kincaid, in United Kingdom, Echevarria in Spain and Skandiaverken in Sweden. All of them with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Their values of diligence, integrity and flexibility, combined with a personalized attention to each client are the heart of our company.

To develop our activity to include Yanmar products and keep us at the forefront of the changes that are taking place in the global market today, we continue adding experience in all aspects of the business and we are to benefit from new ideas based on our core values. Without this intangible human factor, Skandiaverken can not keep the great name and reputation that has managed for more than one century on the market.

The implementation of ISO 9001:2015, the direction of Skandiaverken concrete commitment to its customers and other parties and the permanent will of continuity based on continuous improvement.

But this commitment affects the entire organization. Everyone in Skandiaverken accepted this commitment and their responsibility in compliance with the established requirements and participate actively in the improvement. So the Skandiaverken Management will facilitate the necessary means and is committed to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as to continuously improve the effectiveness of the system of management of quality through revisions of the system and the establishment and monitoring of quality objectives aligned with the strategic lines of the organization.

This quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained daily at all levels of the Organization and has the full commitment of the management team that establishes it, develops, and applies.