Murueta shipyard Hull 320 – Life Fish Carrier (LFC) "KRISTOFER TRONDS" for Norwegian ALSAKER owner

SKV has participated in the shipbuilding project of a 4.000 m 3 net capacity LFC designed by Salt and built by Murueta shipyard Hull No. 320 in Erandio-Bilbao, for Norwegian Alsaker owner. SKV has supplied five (5) Yanmar diesel generators model 6EY22ALWS of 1.370 mkW/900 rpm each, providing to ship’s diesel electric propulsion system 1.300 ekW (3x690Vac, 60Hz) each – totally 6.500 ekW electric power. 


On top of that, SKV has also supplied the complete Yanmar SCR system, consisting on five (5) units (one per genset) model Y22SCR-AL including TIER III NOx Reduction Certification. The scope of supply was not only including the SCR Reactors, but also the Pump Units, the Nozzle Units and the SCR Control Panels.


 Delivery of Yanmar marine engines with TIER III NOx Reduction Certification through Yanmar SCR systems is a reality. Yanmar applies “Scheme A” TIER III Certification, so that engines are delivered from Yanmar factory already with the TIER III Certification, which provides security and a great advantage to both shipyard and shipowner.

All SKV supply, Yanmar engines and SCR system, was according to Class DNVGL-E0. SKV has delivered the complete Yanmar system including diesel generators and SCR system, but for five (5) units.